Self-IntrospectionConcept of Evolution & Enlightenment

1) Release me from the never-ending chain of desires
So I may live in peace with Absolute contentment
2) Free my mind from the darkness of lust
And fill my soul with the light of divine Love
3) Let me not live to eat & indulge in the unreal outer shelf
Eat but to live, evolve & realize my Real Inner Self
4) Let me not use words as missiles that injure
Use them but gentle sparingly for comfort & cure
5) Let me not forget my brittle dwelling of glass
So throw not I stones wherever I glance
 6) Enlighten my mind with the knowledge of thee
And releasing the weight that scholarship brings
 7) Detach my Self from the bondage of my ego
So differentiated am I no more
 8) Let good tidings of others forever bring joy unqualified
And merge my soul with that of one & all
9) Inspire in me the sense of surrender at thy Lotus Feet
So sorrow not I see, but your dance to stay on my feet
10) Let me not do any work for rewards & fame
But let every act be dedicated to thy name
 11) Help me eliminate the chatter in my mind
So I stay connected with thy Name on my mind
 12) Help me to enrich & protect my subjective mind
 To filter & deflect the objective mind
13) Help me to manage attractions and repulsion
So I stay detached, balanced and free from agitation
14) When you finally grace me to thy shore
Let me please come with my friends galore

Self-Introspection Explanation

Self-Introspection is a root cause analysis to ascertain what causes uneasiness in the mind or lack of peace even when we enjoy material comfort.

Desires, lust, relationship, love and attractions lead to expectations which when not managed lead to frustrations, jealousy and anger. We have a right only to put up our best effort, not for the rewards.

Relationship has to be managed well & love has to be unconditional and not possessed. Attractions turn to repulsion and hatred. Forgiveness helps to unload the burden of friction.

In nature, we see normal distribution and not equal. Some are 6 feet tall and some 5 feet. A good sample forms a normal curve with 99.7% of the population in the sample falling with in plus or minus three standard deviations and there will be outliers. This is applicable to every attribute. So we have to accept and surrender to out lot and do our best. Positive approach will open the doors to many opportunities.

Jealousy is caused by desires unfulfilled & fulfilled, our bias, attractions, repulsion and judging and putting people in a box. Jealousy runs within a short radius. Wishing everyone well under any circumstances helps us to stay peaceful. When we are in peace within ourselves we will be able to serve the people well which will bring more goodwill and joy.

Self-Introspection is well accepted by people of all faith and strangers in public places as a universal message. Some see it as a message of peace as it relates to the central theme of all faith.

Clearing the weeds from our mind is a direct approach with a clear goal post. Devotion and surrender to higher power helps in the process of evolution. Purpose of life is to evolve and find peace running our own marathon and not against others. Human birth is not to indulge in the material world but evolve. Evolution of mind brings peace & clarity of thinking essential for success and opens the door to a wider horizon that is beyond our perception when mind is clouded.

Greetings for any good occasion, birthday, wedding anniversary, graduation (hymn of peace in Sanskrit)
Asato maa sud gamaya
Thamaso maa jyotir gamaya
Mrutyor maa amrutam gamaya
Om shanthi, shanthi, shanthi (Peace, Peace, Peace)

May the Lord bless you with Light and Knowledge, thus helping you to shed the darkness (Avidya, ignorance) and you recognize this unreal world (Asat) for what it is. Knowledge removes the self-imposed veil of ignorance or Maya thus we will be able to appreciate the real world of divinity. That will be the D day, a real D Day when we are liberated from this cycle of birth and death and attain moksha, real freedom or a state of fearlessness and be one with Brahman, Allah or Father. Fearlessness sets in when our needs are reduced to bare necessity or when we transcend & condition the mind not to be dependent on anything or anyone or develop a sense of total surrender. Only by the grace of God, does one get a human birth, the sole purpose of which is to evolve and find peace

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